Memberships expire on December 31st of the current year and must be re-registered in January of each year or all member privileges will be revoked. Anyone can join our Grotto for the first year, but after that we ask you to also be a member of the National Speleological Society. The following is an explanation of the types of memberships:

Membership Types

(expires 12/31 of current year)

Regular Member
$15 /yr

Note: must be NSS* member

All publications & Newsletters

*NSS Dues are separate and must be paid to the NSS directly

Associate Member
$15 /yr

All publications, limit 1 yr

Family Member
$1 /yr

Note: Add-on for regular membership, $1 per member of household

No publications except emailed newsletter

Accompanying Member
$5 /yr

Speleonews and emailed newsletter, must be member of another grotto.

Honorary Member
No dues

All publications for life, selected for members who have significantly contributed to the Nashville Grotto over their lifetimes.

Membership to the Nashville Grotto costs $15 annually and can be paid online via PayPal.
Grotto Membership

Members in the Nashville Grotto receive the following:

  • Monthly Speleonews publication
  • Access to the Nashville Grotto's Listserv
  • Member Directory
  • Information on regional/national/international events
  • Opportunity to participate in training and/or training exercises
  • Voting rights
  • Education on safe, conservation minded caving
  • Knowledge that you are helping to protect Tennessee caves
The Grotto is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Although we are always in need of funds, we also need people to help with our various projects.

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