Event Announcement

Our June meeting will be held both in-person and online.

For those attending in-person, find us at Two Rivers Park Pavilion #3.

We will start a potluck dinner at 6 pm, followed by a short meeting at 7 pm then spend the rest of the time socializing and catching up after over a year of virtual meetings. We're allowed to stay at the pavilion until the park closes at 11pm.

Please bring a dish or snacks or drinks to share, along with the appropriate serving utensil if necessary. Alcohol is against Metro Park Rules, unfortunately.

There are about 9 picnic tables in the pavilion but bring a more comfortable chair if you'd like. There are two large playgrounds near the pavilion and there is also a challenging Disc Golf course right behind the pavilion if you want to get there early. The Stones River Greenway also runs through the park.

Note: there will be no virtual meeting option for this month's meeting. Come see us in person!

by Nashville Grotto

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