Event Announcement

This meeting will be both in-person and online.

Join us for our monthly members meeting where we discuss all things caving!

Thanks to Treasurer Jim Minie's office, Bedroc Consulting, for hosting us in their large meeting area. It will hold the entire group comfortably, has WiFi, video screen, bathrooms, etc. See below for information.

Zoom Meeting

When traveling to the location, 722 Fessey Park Road, look for a bat sticker in a prominent place to show you you're still on the right road. The Berry Road entrance to the area is closed for all intents and purposes. One must enter from Bransford Ave.


  • Be respectful so we can potentially use this location multiple times
  • Don’t eat/drink anything from the refrigerator
  • Alcohol is allowed
  • Leave the place as clean/straight as when we get here
by Nashville Grotto

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